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Prior to the 2012 Australian Open and Wimbledon, Jacob’s Creek established a three year partnership with international tennis legend, Andre Agassi, to inspire people to ‘Open up’.
‘Open up’ celebrates the notion of sharing your emotions and staying true to yourself just as Jacob’s Creek has always stayed true to its heritage and passion for winemaking.
During an exclusive personal interviews for Jacob’s Creek, filmed in Andre’s hometown of Las Vegas in November of 2011, Andre Agassi opened up and spoke candidly about the on- and off-the-court experiences that have shaped his life.
“It’s important to follow your convictions and do what you believe is right,” says Andre. “That takes courage, that takes … staying true to your character; that takes strength.”
The footage will be released as a series of short films entitled ‘Open up with Jacob’s Creek’, which will be available for viewing via the Jacob’s Creek website and YouTube channel.
One includes a story about the “dragon” – a monstrous tennis ball throwing machine that his dad built to help him practice his return service. Previews will also screen on selected television networks during broadcast of major tennis events over the next three years where Jacob’s Creek has an association. The first of these will be in Australia during its official tennis broadcast of the 2012 Australian Open, followed by Wimbledon in June.


Watch "Open up with Jacob's Creek"