Agassi Ventures

A vacation experience for the entire family

Since 2006, Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf have collaborated with Exclusive Resorts, an alliance of vacation destinations that combine the comfort, amenities, privacy and spaciousness of one’s own home with the high-end service and luxury of a resort.  Andre and Stefanie co-develop luxury resort real estate, design Agassi-Graf Tennis and Fitness Centers, and enhance the tennis and fitness experiences at the Exclusive Resorts destination residences.

The two tennis legends logged a lot of miles while on their respective pro tours, and continue to travel frequently as a family. Their aim in aligning with Exclusive Resorts has been to put that travel to use in helping to plan the experience at Exclusive Resorts properties, especially the tennis courts and fitness centers. The goal is to make vacationing in one of the Exclusive Resorts-Clubs an experience for the whole family, full of sports and a wide range of other fun activities.

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